Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well, I did it again; party planning.

Remember some time ago I told you I was asked to plan a baby shower? The request was totally unexpected and was not in my frame of mind at the time. I agreed to do whatever was needed anyway. So, I had to play a part in getting the baby shower done but I lead the charge. I rolled up with reserves of things that weren't on my to do list for the event and made the whole thing fly. Just my thing! Besides, it is important to be prepared, and its family.

Well, we had the baby shower today and it went very well. My guests were pleased and the celebrant was very happy. I guess I will keep getting these events under my belt and build up to a money making business. I am so tired! It was a hectic day for me but a very satisfying day. All of the pieces came together, the weather was great and the company was delightful.

Hey, I'm available to plan and host your event. I am ready, from invitations to clean up and any piece in between, a full service operation. Get on board with the hostess with the mostest! That's what I was called today! Thank you. You guys makes it easy for me to make you happy.

Every one loved the party favor we gave them in the box above. What do you think, nice box, eh?

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