Monday, April 20, 2009

My workout gear caper

Have you ever heard the saying your mind can play tricks on you? Well I had a big mind trick this week end which left me wondering if the mind can be that tricky.

I haven’t been able to get into the swing of a fitness routine for some time now but I’ve been planning on it. I am all about health and wellness. In fact I am one of those people who are always reading the magazines, or watching the programs or joining the conversations about diet and exercise but is a poor practitioner.

I've been really thinking about starting a fitness routine to try to improve my health and reduce my weight. Mind you, I know what to do and how but I just haven’t. So I've been on this kick for a couple of months now; looking at gyms, TV shows on FitTv , reading news clips about diet and exercise but haven’t started anything. Well, I’ve been doing a little more walking lately. I have a lot of things to do before I will be ready for my program. I have to set a schedule, make sure it will be regular, figure out where, the cost of the gym, travel time and opening hours. I will also have to figure out the space in my house to use as an option, or find an outdoor path, finalize some other time consuming things etc. I need workout clothes! I have to resolve all of these things so I can start, I tell myself.

This Saturday while I was out shopping with my friend, who is a 3-4 day a week gym person, I bought 2 workout outfits. I spotted the clothes and begun the conversation about my plans to start exercising regularly. She was very encouraging but not forceful. I was very happy with the items and talked about getting started. Of course I have plenty of stuff that I could use, appropriately, for exercise but you know how the mind works. I would eliminate that need or issue. I picked up some other unrelated stuff in the store and headed to the cash register. I paid and waited for my items to be bagged. Happily we walked out of the store with the bags, thinking I had all of the goods. You will not believe what happened, or will you?

This is a really funny and perhaps a sad commentary about my readiness to get fit. Or maybe it’s coincidental. I actually left the store without the bag with the workout clothes. I got everything else home except the work out clothes. The Cashier did not give me my bag with the workout clothes - maybe I didn’t pick up all of the bags from the counter so the workout clothes were left. What do you think that is telling me? Did I trick myself into leaving the work out clothes in the store because I am really not 'ready'? Mentally I haven't reached the 'tipping point'? I'm in denial about my fitness and health condition or this was jsut a simple mistake. Should I sit around and ponder the situation or just get busy and work up a sweat?

Well, I will go to pick up my bag tomorrow and see where it leads. Hopefully I will get physical on Wednesday.

Why Should we exercise
According to About Women Health, Studies have shown that regular exercise significantly increases life expectancy and improves overall health. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. It can reduce or improve symptoms of menopause, PMS, diabetes, as well as numerous other conditions. An improved self-image and increased energy level are frequent added benefits of exercise.

I want improved health, self image and increased energy level! If you aren’t on a regular fitness routine, its time you get started too. Maybe we can support each other towards better health. You might motivate me to not only get started but to stay with it. What I know is this, it is important to talk to your doctor first and check out the vitals. Get yourself some gear as a motivation, set a schedule get a healthy food plan going and let’s get fit, happy and healthy together.

Here is another article, for good measure with 4 Good Reasons to Exercise by BNET just to get you there.

See you on the threadmill!

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