Saturday, April 11, 2009

Her tribute to her fallen feline child

This is Molly, Amazing Molly. She was 10 years old and just lost her life to cancer. Rest in peace Molly!

Molly belonged to a colleague of mine.
I sat next to her at one of our regular meetings last week. As I looked over to greet her I noticed that she was not her usual happy go luck self. Of course I asked the question, why so glum and she told me the story. She then handed me a copy of her memoriam chronicling Molly's life with her. As I read it I realized how touched she was and how special Molly was. I though I would share her tribute to Molly as I was moved by the tribute and her compassion.

The tribute read
April 1997: Heard faint meows and found approximately 2 week old kittens in the well of an old house window, in bad shape with glass all around. One was already gone. Molly's eye was so badly infected; they thought she would be blind in it. In true Molly fashion (although I didn't know at the time, it healed and she was not blind). She was the smallest but the most curious. Two others did not make it. I bottle fed her and she would look all around while drinking.

Every once in a while an extraordinary individual comes into your life if you are so blessed. All animals are special but Molly was unique. She had an incredible intuitive bond with me. It's amazing how she "knew things". She was highly intelligent, loving, and very strong willed. I'd love it when she would "kitten out" and knead and kiss me, purring away-and she would love to do noses.

She was small with dainty little paws, and the most silky black fur ever. Her toughness made up for her smallness and would not take nonsense from her brothers and sisters. She also had a special bond with Jenny who would groom her. She would take everything in. When she was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2004, the prognosis was grim. She sailed through treatment without side effects and went into remission. She then relapsed 2 years later and again, sailed through remission. She would just look around in the car and want to sit on the seat and not in the carrier. She would bring me toys constantly, with that little mow and then drop them at my feet. She would also want to play fetch (yes, she is a cat) when she was a kitten, bringing me fuzzy balls etc. At first this third bout (in August) was going fine. A small body - even the most strongest like Molly can only take so much and cancer is a nasty disease and this time her little body could not take it. She fought hard and maintained that dignity and strong will to the end.

She transitioned peacefully with love all around her on March 30, 2009. In her weakened state, she managed to purr as I looked into those expressive eyes as if to say, it's ok mom. I have been privileged and blessed to have her in my life. She is my feline soulmate and we will be connected forever, but the pain and grief that is consuming me is indescribable as I have to adjust to my life here on Earth without her (in body). Roger, Jenny, Sandy, Simba and even Rosie the bunny will miss her too. Everybody who has met her sensed what an incredible individual she was. We will be connected forever. I miss her terribly and hope that we will be together again one day.

Thank you for sharing your tribute with us. I am sorry for your lost and pray that the peace that passeth all understanding abide with you. May you find joy in those around you.

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remember moments said...

That's pretty much how I felt when I lost my 13 yr old cat, 5 yrs ago now. She was my buddy and traveled the country with me.