Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Found my Friend through an Internet search

I found a family friend that we've lost touch with for over twenty years through an Internet Search. The funny thing here is that I am an avid internet surfer. I spend hours researching things, and stuffs and is quite familiar with many of the search tools and engines but never actually tried to find these folks on line. Not even sure why I didn’t because I look thing up all the time. I often wondered where my friends were and what they might be doing but left it in passing.

I am so ecstatic that I found these folks. We have so much to talk about and share. The last time we saw each other, they had one child, and she was pregnant with their second. They moved away to another state and we lost touch. We also moved away shortly after them so that further compounded the problem. Wow, time has passed and so much have been gained and changed. Just before they moved away she helped to bake my wedding cake and now too many years and 3 kids later we found each other again. We have so much to talk about and catch up on. It will be hours talking on the phone until we can schedule to visit, but I am so ready to do this.

The other day I commented on Carol's blog, one of my fellow Grace in Small Things blogger, about her reflection on the friendships and comfort that we find in our virtual networks. Now, here I am experiencing the endless rewards of the reach and power of the internet in this re-connection. We are able to make new friends, and conduct all sorts of business and social activities using the internet, not the least of which is finding your long lost loved ones. This is not only a virtual community but my actual, real life friendship delivered. Although these friends will still be miles apart from me, we are just a click away, and we now know this!

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