Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Last Hurrah for The Plaza Chronicles

The Plaza Chronicles V.
I took a stroll today to the Plaza to see what I could see in terms of food items – fruits, vegetables, etc. The weather is beginning to feel like fall. The cool wind blows across my face giving me a chill as I walked around The Plaza. The winter is fast approaching and it changes our desire to be outdoors and also changes what is available in The Plaza and the outdoor activities and supplies. I noticed that the number of vendors have decreased and the amount of fruits and variety of fruits was also much less than before.

I was happy to be on the walk today as I haven’t been in The Plaza for a few weeks. I was not so happy because there was nothing new for me to try. All of the carts had the same things; oranges, corns, avocados, tomatoes, eggplants, apples, water melons, bananas, pineapples grapes, the more common and some year long fruits and vegetables that we buy. So the summer is over. The exotic and special summer fruits have dried up and the usual fruits and vegetables that we get in the regular market are filling up the stalls.
The last hurrah for The Plaza Chronicles!
The crowds and the hustle and bustle of the folks strolling through The Plaza on their lunch hour is less and they move along more purposeful – not much to get excited about.

It’s good to be able to see and buy fresh fruits so readily in the middle of an urban center. These foods are great options for healthy, refreshing and nutritious meals and snacks during the long hot summer days. Sadly the venue doesn’t lend itself to the various weather cycles we have in the city.
So long summer, good bye Plaza Chronicles the winter is here and we retreat indoors. Well, maybe the ingenuity of folks will prevail and we will see some other offerings in The Plaza that will pique our interest and satisfy our pallet as well. Stay tuned!

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