Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finding my way back

Hello All,
You will notice from the dates of this post and the previous one that I've been away from the posting scene for a couple of weeks now. Not only was I absent from posting, but also absent from checking in on my favorite blogs and blogosphere friends.

Well, I have reasons and excuses. You see, I've been busy and I've been too disorganized to stay current. Believe it or not, I also had equipment problems again. I got the computer fixed, again, and did some surfing. After a couple of blog visits and comments, here I am.

I checked out a couple of friends and one very wise and smart lady had just the posts that I needed to get me going again. After two comments on Breaking mindset blog, I took myself here to let you know that I had a slight meltdown and technical difficulties too.

Thanks for hanging in with me and coming back to see what's up with me. I will get some updates about live, love, laugh encounters and experiences of the last couple weeks soon.

I think I can move ahead on this again. See you soon.

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