Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

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Today is a special day that we set aside from the usual hustle and bustle to appreciate, recognize and to say thanks to those brave men and women who have given their lives for our country. The sacrifice of a family of their loved one to go serve for our safety and security is appreciated. I myself am very appreciative of the folks who have taken the bold and brave steps to join the military forces to be on the frontlines of national security. I salute you all!!

As we see all of the ceremonial events and proclamations and commerative events it gives us pride in having such bravery and selflesness of the men and women who serve. We thank God for all of you and especially for those who will return home and continue to enrich our lives. For those gone on, we pray that you will rest in peace. As a society we should encourage and demand a better program and compensation for the Vets as they return home and resume family life. Too many stories are played and re-played on the air about the lack of services and supports for our Vets. The quality of medical care, housing, jobs and re-entry support services seems to leave them un-rewarded and feeling un-apppreciated.

They have done us proud. They have served us well. It is only right and fitting for us as a society and for our government to make serving these our heros a priority and care them well.
Let us all share our love and appreciation to the Vets by giving what we can and by lifting our voices and our votes so that our Vets are provided for as they have protected us.
I thank you!

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