Saturday, November 28, 2009

Microbiotics for good health, Live!

I came across this lovely picture and information about microbiotics the other day as I tried to find some information on holiday recipes. I didn't stop to read through it at the time but bookmarked it for a later read. The piece popped up today as I logged in to the computer so I decided to look closer at Microbiotics. As I browsed the pages, I realized that it is something I really need to look more closely at. It certainly hit home today after the extensive holiday grubbing that went on here. The fruits and vegetables were part of the fare but certainly not the centerpiece.

As some of us gorge our selves on foods - sweet, delicious, glorious holiday foods, I think we need to reflect on the point that we can get carried away and do things, even as we enjoy them, that can reeve havoc on our lives and our loved ones. It is important that we do the holiday things in moderation and mix it heavily with what we know that is good right and wholesome. I have to do this. I think we just really have to take care of our lives everyday for longevity.

I have to do some re-engineering of my lifestyle now that I have absorbed this information on Microbiotics. This is an approach to life and living not just a kind of diet. The philosophy is that by combining quality foods, enjoyment and appreciation of life, each other, the environment, spirituality and trust or faith, we can live happier, healthier, long lives. These are interconnected and interdependent forces in the natural world that give rise to each other thereby creating a balanced way of living, the yin and yang.

So what I know now, well I've always known but would brush off and chalk it up to the holidays, festivities and celebrations. Part of the festivities is to provide a lot of food. We tend to over eat, swallowing without or just barely chewing and loading up on processed, greasy foods and say, ahhh it's sooo good! This is a no-no and gotta go! We must include healthier food options and take and eat in moderation and without the chase.

Now I really must let those habits go. The mega pieces of meats and turkey drum sticks, with a drizzling of veggies have to be reversed so that I will continue to live, love, laugh with my family and friends for a very long and healthful time.

I am making a case about microbiotics and behaving as if it is a new phenomena, but its not. This has been practiced since the Incas and the Han Dynasty. More and more we hear about whole foods and see whole food stores and whole grain products promoted but access is still a problem for many. As a society and community we need to 'normalize' healthy foods and balanced lifestyles to our day to day life. There are broader implications for society such as education, resources, access and supports as well.

You my friend should take a closer look at microbiotics, maybe also look at the "man in the mirror", like me, and make a change. Check out the information and recipes here. Make a move to a balanced way of living!

Let me know what you think about microbiotics if this is new to you. For those of you who are practitioners, please share some tips and/or advice with us.
Here's to a happier, healthier you! Happy Thanksgiving.

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