Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Andy Rooney's Advice to the Airlines

Part of my Sunday evening routine is to watch 60 Minutes on CBS at 7pm. I have been doing this for years. I've lost track of the number of years. I would block out the hour to watch the show. Truth be told, these days I don't always block out the time or watch the whole program. I would however tune in for what I call the ticking highlight at the beginning of the program to see what will be covered. I would decide if I would stay for the entire program or just check back for Andy Rooney's segment, my highlight of the program. Many times it's all Andy!

This past Sunday, I just caught Andy Rooney's segment and was very amused. This is not unusual for me but the topic was very timely. I have been going on about the changes in the airline practices and I am preparing for holiday travels and ranting. The title of Sunday's segment was Andy Rooney Has Some Advice For The Airlines To Make Flying More Pleasurable. I hope they were watching and will take heed.

I was amused because I have been on this kick of the airline industry foolishness. My family travels a lot. Not always by air but I always keep my eyes out for a good deal on air fair because air travel is faster. We are a real hurry up and get there kind of a group. More and more these days, the policies and practices of the airlines get more ridiculous. I still don't understand why we now have to pay to check a piece of luggage when it was included as part of the cost of the trip and the fare in the past.

What happened recently that caused checking a piece of luggage to add such expense to the airlines that they need to add this fee. If there should be charges, I think it should be fees paid to the consumer for damaged baggage. Samsonite's are strong but they take a beating even now with the additional charges. Do they want us to travel without necessities or our luxuries if we so choose to carry them? They still have the same restriction on the number of pieces and the weight allowances. What's changed? Level of greed?! I don't get it!

There are so many other issues and concerns with airline travel these days, not to mention safety or dangers, but we still use them or rely on them because we all have to or want to go some place else and may not have all day to get there. With airline travel, you can count on delays getting on board and take off, cancellations, late arrivals and now no food or refreshment. The food part may not be so bad though because even when they ask you to pay for the food it's horrible if not just down right nasty. What the hell!

Yes Andy, a lot of people complain about the airlines, like me, because they get you angry with the nonsense they give you.

For those of you who may have missed the segment on Sunday, or if you enjoy Andy Rooney's rantings, here is the piece again.

Yes they could do better all around!


Nessa said...

I'm with you with the luggage checking fee. I don't get it either... they were fine all these years and suddenly these airlines come up with all kinds of fees!

When people complain, they always give you the same excuse... 'we're still the cheapest in the region'. We really don't have much choice cos we only have 2 airlines providing domestic flights in Malaysia.

Don't even talk about food. I had a biscuit and sandwich for my 2 1/2 hour flight back home a few years ago. I almost died of starvation!

philly5113 said...

The airlines are all in this business together. the two there and the umteenth here and else where agree to apply these unreasonable fees. Where is the deal?!