Saturday, November 21, 2009

How do I choose a Home Phone Service

Telephones are so plentiful these days but I am having such a hard time choosing a phone service for my home. I guess it is not really hard to find a phone service or carrier it is the cost of the thing. I think that we are spending a huge chunk of our budget on telecommunication and I can't afford it anymore. We all have cell phones - blackberries, smart phone, sidekick etc and actually use more than one phone carrier. I need to fix that set up too. But anyway, the thing is that with all of these communicating devices which we use all the time, why am I insisting on maintaining a dedicated home phone line?

Gone are the days when we need the phone lines or land lines to make calls or faxes, or to get on-line, which so consume our lives these days. Actually, I just like to have the old stand by phone to reach out and touch somebody. I know that the phone companies are concerned about the drastic reduction in the number of people electing to cancel their land lines. This is actually having a negative effect on the cost of the cellular system by way of the excessive amount and number of taxes on the cell phone bill. Right now I am concerned about getting a phone service that I can afford to keep that house phone on.
As I surfed the web for information and services, I couldn't decide between the viable choices, price wise, that I came across. I hope you guys can offer some assistance. I looked at the Magic Jack system, Vonage and Time Warner. Right now I am dying under the cost of the Verizon system I have. Are there more sensible options out there?

Here is where you come in. Do you have a land line at home? Who is the service provider? Is it a reasonable or economical system?
Have you any information or opinion on:

Magic Jack ?

Time Warner Cable Digital Phone service?


Which would you recommend and why?

I hope you will take a minute to leave your comment.

Thanks in advance!

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