Saturday, July 11, 2009

Word beads number 3!

As I looked at the word beds sentence acyclic for this week it immediately reminded me of the Ocean Spray cranberry commercial. The words cranberry and immersion just took me there. I thought I would try to work with these words because of the connection to my latest focus on fruits. I have been writing about fruits in The Plaza Chronicles the last couple of posts so my Intuition tells me that I am on the right track with this string of words. I have also added the mystery fruit post to the mix to highlight a rare or ‘different’ fruit than I usually see or eat. Cranberries are not that unusual though, but they resemble some other fruits so it could work as a mystery fruit. In this case it would be, distinguish this fruit.

I like cranberries and add them to many dishes even outside the holiday seasons and various juice blends is a staple in my house. I actually like the Ocean spray commercial, the one below, where they are harvesting the cranberries for processing. My favorite part is when the two men immersed in cranberries up to their thighs, one holding a bag of sugar. The man with the bag of sugar pours it into the cranberries and the juices are supposed to be all natural. He ended up emptying the entire bag of sugar into the berries as he tried to explain or identify the area that was still ‘natural’. When you see the commercial, your will be flabbergasted at the sight of sugar being added to the “natural” juice. The interaction between he two men and the parody of sweetened juices works to make the point, they don’t add sugar.Like a child I can see cranberries as beads that can be strung around the wrist or neck, not acyclic, but like a bracelet or necklace. What a lovely site. Don’t use them while wearing white though or you might be in for a big surprise. Remember the wordbead list is underlined here and linked to the dictionary as on the catchword site.

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