Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life's Irony

Life’s irony
My parents used to say to us, when they were displeased or if they found something we did funny, silly or punishable, “just wait, you’ll see”, Or “your time will come, don’t worry now.” I never understood what was meant by those statements at the time. Another favorite or popular idiom of theirs was, “be careful what you sow ‘cuz you will reap it”.

Well, as time goes by, these sayings or proclamations about retribution for our actions or behavior comes to pass. One by one, as my children grows; I see several things from that era exhibiting themselves through my children. As they happen, I remember clearly when I was the purveyor of some of these actions and they make me smirk. I told you all of that to say this. Ahhh yes, life's irony!

I was having a conversation with my daughter about her tuition and fees for a summer course she decided to take. During the conversation about paying for the course, I said to her, OK let’s do this together. How much can you contribute? I asked her this question since she has a summer job. She paused, looked at me and said, “This is for my education.” I said yeassss! The she said, “sooooo, why do I have to pay for it, that’s your job.” I froze, jaw open without getting the words out. I then closed my mouth and said ok, and walked away.

You may wonder why that reaction. Well, I actually had a similar situation with my father soooo many years ago. I was asking for about money for allowance. I had a flash back to that scene right then and there. In my case, my father tried to encourage me to get a part time job like my siblings. My come back was, “why should I do that and go to school full time? It’s your job to support me”, I said. Well, that was the end of that conversation. My father looked at me and walked away to the other room. I stood there, in the same spot for about 2 minutes.

My Mom looked out at me, she was in the kitchen, and we were in the dining room. Oh yeah! She said. “You wait and see. You can find something to do to make some extra money.” We never had that conversation again. I found something to do. I took on sewing projects for my sisters and friends for cash. It was fun for me because this was my hobby. I just didn’t sew for others or made money doing it. This craft served me well for a long, long time.

So word to the wise! Be mindful and be careful you could re-live those childhood moments of insolence or challenge, a serendipitous replay of youthful ramblings that you pulled off or got, got for. Like my parents, I guess, I didn’t expect that response from my daughter. I also wasn’t sure how to respond in the moment, ‘lovingly.’ I guess this explains my father’s reaction and my Mom’s response.

Yup! She’s right, I didn’t really wait for it, of course I didn’t know what my Mom meant at the time, but I certainly reaped that one and I’m not sure I like the feeling. Its payback time. Watch out y’all, be ready.

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