Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Milestone in blogging

50+ Posts
Well, it may not be much or near as much as some of you or even most, but I have actually reached a milestone in blogging. I have made over 50 blog posts since I started. It is quite astonishing to me to see the number 50 on my blog summary. I still look at it with hesitation as if it is not really that many.

As you might have read in my welcome on the side bar, I started the blog in jest as a way to do my rants and share my daily events, even if I am by myself. It was sort of a daunting task as I hadn't had much exposure or interactions with blogs, per se. My interest was aroused after reading one of my regular magazine subscriptions and it made reference to blogging and the various platforms etc. I promptly got on line, typed in one of the URL they listed and it was quite inviting and seemed simple. I followed along and voila! Live, Love, Laugh was born. I had no clue what I was getting into or doing but I looked around and followed what I thought was good. I am sure that I still haven't scratched the surface of what blogging is or ought to be, and what I can still do with it for my fun, rant and prosperity.

I am still on the hunt for ways to change my template, very basic stuff, to understand what SEO is, building traffic, monetizing, links, page ranks etc., etc. All of the things that will make my blog take off, in the way some of you have experienced, are still illusive to me. I am still searching and trying to follow along but it is hard, if not tricky but I am diligent. I am open to hand holding and tutoring.

I am resolved to stay with it, to learn as much as I can and thereby get to the place where I think I belong in the blogosphere recognize and appreciate the effort. I have more than a long way to go, and I am going. I am quite encouraged by the recent turn of events. I received my very first award from Lilyarbee. It means a lot to me as it comes from a link friend. I was also acknowledged by another very good friend of her site, agentpx and I appreciate it as much. I therefore also made another friend. Looking all around and seeing the many awards on some sites, I was beginning to feel discouraged as no one was sharing. I realize that I am a relative newbie so I have to earn my wings. I am ok, now. Thanks Lilyarbee!

As I said, I am going to keep at it as I have lots of things to do, people to see and things to learn. I thank all of you who have visited, chosen to link and favor my blog. You have told me to stay so I will grow this milestone even bigger. I am a risk taker and love a good challenge so count on me. Keep coming back to Live, Love, Laugh, read, leave plenty of comments and feedback and link, link, link for the beauty of the bolgosphere.

Yay! 50+ and it doesn't feel old!! Any ideas for a celebration, guys?! Let me savor this milestone in blogging!

A special thanks to Life's free treats, chrysalis dreams , thoughts from along the broken road, Someday I'll Get There. They were my very first faves. I have learned a lot. Thanks for being trailblazers. You also get my Favorite Blog Award 2009!

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