Monday, July 20, 2009

The By Passed Stations along the way

All board - not!
Have you ever stopped to think about or just wonder about the stations that some trains by pass along your route? Some trains go by at top speed, others not so fast; the so called express trains? Are you at one of those by passed station stops? You have to wait for the specially routed trains that stop every 8 to 10 minutes or less, like the local underground or subway. Well, I guess that is your subway, the rail mass transit for your commute.

My recent travels along the rail road Northeast Corridor on one of those express trains got me thinking about this. As we began our departure roll, our conductor announced that the train will not make a series of stop along the way to the end of the line. My first reaction was, ahhh geez, so many stops? I thought this was an express train!
As I thought about the announcement again, I wondered how the folks along the by-passed stops feel as they watch the trains go by, waiting for their turn to get on board. The by passed stops I guess are like being off the beaten path, the ‘tweens; in between the ‘notable’ or major stops. These riders must have some ill feeling against the by-passers and I guess the folks in the major stops might object to pulling up in the 'little town' stops, slowing down their ride.

I don’t ride the trains along the North East Corridor often; I actually haven’t in years, until this trip. I know that when my train has to make a lot of stops along the way, I see them as a burden. It is like slowing down because of traffic or at the stop light or change in speed as you move through the small towns or residential areas.
Taking the subway or the local bus can also be miserable but I understand that the mass transit has to serve everyone.
I often wonder why there aren’t more express trains and buses especially for folks who ride long distances on the same line. I am sure that the operators have a different take on this. Every person represents a fare to them so every rider is equally important to the operation.
I don’t care about the rest of the line most of the time, just my segment where I get on or off. I know that might not be lucrative enough to support the rail business or might not be sensible. But hey, I’m thinking about my travels separate from everything else, probably even reality! I want to do what is right for the community, the environment and my life so mass transit is good all around. I just want to get to my location quickly and safely too.

I have love for my fellow man. I can be in that off the main stop, the by passed location, at one time or another so I should be supportive. I guess there is no right or wrong or less important stop because of the location of your city along the railway. It is important that everyone gets to go where they want to and mass transit is available to make it happen.
So does your station matter? Maybe in some things of life stations matter but perhaps not the train station stops, as long as they stop!

A question for you.
For those of you, who usually get bypassed, please opine.
How do you feel or what is your comments or thoughts about the stations along your route, perhaps your by-passed station. Can you suggest a better alternative? Maybe we can start a petition to get something changed or improved.

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