Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011, An Opportunity to Start Again

I welcome 2011 with open embrace, gratitude, excitement of anticipation and hope. I embrace the opportunity to start over, one day at a time.

This New Year gives me the opportunity to pause and redirect myself, my attention, relationships and desires in a way that will yield the fruits of the spirit, personal growth and achievements. It’s new, it’s fresh, it has endless possibilities and potential and I can choose how and what to engage with and attach to and explore and give to and of myself and enjoy.

I don’t have to take along or try to fix the failings, baggage, the disappointments and losses of 2010. I will forgive, be thankful, acknowledge, appreciate and be grateful for being on the other side of 2010. I am moving ahead with the memories of lessons learned, friendships formed, challenges faced and graces given to strengthen and enrich how I will live and love and play in 2011.

I anticipate abundance of grace and will seek to shine my light and love in the world. To care for me and my household and all that is given. Seek to understand and fill the longings of my soul. Be bold and rejoice in the present. I will look for goodness and give kindness and know that I will be better for it. I will follow the calling of the universe of goodness, boldness, truth and faith.

I embrace 2011 knowing that my life will be richer, healthier, bolder and full of joys and love and beauty as I seek to be good, stand strong, be purposeful and content.

To all of you who have been my inspiration, confidant, supporter, loves and friends, I salute and welcome you on this journey of 2011, side by side with me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I count on your continued support, your wisdom, your truths and your understanding. I will stay in the present.

Happy New Year! May all your hopes and dreams be realized throughout 2011.

In hope, in love and in faith. Welcome 2011!


Donna, Doni, Lady D said...

Oh Philly ... such a beautiful and true to your heart post. May you be blessed. Here's to 2011! love, Donna

darnel and roussel said...

Very inspiring Philly! Love your posts :)