Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jaywalking Men, use the Crosswalks

As I stood at the bus stop yesterday, after exiting the subway at a major hub, 4
lane streets, multiple bus line terminal, mega foot traffic I got annoyed. Annoyed at the foolish things some people do.

There were people, cars, buses, trucks, noise, lights etc., a real busy urban center. As I scanned the scene, my eyes stopped on a group of people, men, walking onto one of the streets amid on coming traffic. You might wonder so what, they need to get to the other side of the street. I guess they did, but here's the thing.
As I said earlier, this is a busy thoroughfare and as such, they have well marked pedestrian crossings, road way markings, traffic signals, lights etc. These guys were crossing from the middle of the block, not at the intersection or marked pedestrian crossing area and into oncoming vehicular traffic. I am making this distinction because in NYC, people traffic can wow you! They are crossing the street; a 4 Lane Street, a wide street with 2 way traffic pattern, as a bus moved toward them, heading to the bus stop at the intersection. Some of us standing at the bus stop gasped at the sight.

The men continue their stroll across, not even attempting to pick up the pace at the sight of the oncoming bus. Ok, so the bus driver stopped. He had to stop, but how silly is that.
When does one stop to think, what if.....
What if the driver' is distracted and not noticed them in the street
What if there's a mechanical failure?
And what if the bus got hit from behind, by accident, propelling it forward and the driver
couldn't hit the brake fast enough.
What if the driver was also a 'daredevil' and kept moving to force their action, intending to stop abruptly, but he wasn't fast enough or the brakes failed.
You see where I'm going with this? No, I'm not paranoid. When you put your self in harms way you not only endanger your self but so many other people. Anything could happen!

It is just absurd for folks to take such chances with their lives and perhaps the lives and livelihood of others. I am always amazed at the things people do and then expect others to accept or share the responsibility for their foolishness. These actions can have such repercussion; everyone pays a part of the cost in some way.

Come on man! Keep that nonsense to your self. There are some things you can take back, correct or endure. Playing with your life and the lives of others and their families is just too expensive. Take the stupid chances to and by yourself if that is your choice. No jaywalking, use the crosswalks!


out of the blue said...

i always put my 100% attention when crossing any street in nyc and never attempt to cross the street on a green light.

philly5113 said...

Good practice. Always better safe than sorry. Thanks for the visit.