Monday, March 2, 2009



Good Deed.
In my crazy, frantic, organized, demanding get it done world of 9 –5, Monday to Friday, I was doing the obligatory Saturday runs to get all the other things in my life done. All of the things that are deferred from Monday to Friday because of the ‘work’ schedule and pre arranged home demands like making dinner for the family. This Saturday morning I had to do some shopping, earlier than usual, and a bit rushed because I had to get to the post office. In the interest of time I decided to take a bus to my next stop, about 3 blocks away. The next stop was the post office. Today I have to mail a package on my daughter’s behalf to a friend of hers. This I must do. After all it’s an assigned task. Time was of the essence as the Post Office closes early on Saturdays.

As I approached the bus stop a bus arrives. Yippee! I was grateful for that stroke of luck. I got on the bus somewhat harried – bags in hand, scarf flying, fumbling for change to pay my fare, hat and winter gloves under arm, etc. I paid the fare and began to file down the aisle; luckily the bus was not as crowded as it could be so I was able to move in. The seats were all taken. I shuffled into the middle of the bus and parked myself next to a single seat occupied by a young man. I did not stop here for any particular reason. This spot was sufficiently far from the front of the bus so I would obstruct the flow of other passengers. As I attempted to compose myself I glanced at the person sitting in the seat. I like to acknowledge folks as well as make sure I am not too close.

The young man motioned to me asking if I would like his seat. I responded thankfully, certainly! Thank you I said as I slid in front of the chair. What a pleasure. As my rear end hit the seat, almost simultaneously as I was thankful, I thought, wait a minute! Did I seem that old and frumpy that he offered me his seat so quickly? Did he feel sorry for me because I seemed so pathetic? I sort a felt clumsy as I got on the bus anyway. Or is he just a nice, courteous, polite young man who lived what he learned. Was he taught to offer the ladies his seat out of respect? Or old ladies even? Hmmmmm! With all of the challenges in our lives these days it’s good to look beyond your situation and give a hand.

The thing I know is this. This was refreshing. I was grateful for the seat as I have been shopping, walking around with the packages for a couple of hours and could use the relief. I could use the brief respite between the ride and getting to my next series of tasks. So no matter what the reason or motivation, Thanks for remembering your manners. Thanks for being kind and thanks no matter what you thought or believed was my case, you did a good deed. This act of kindness reminded me that this world is made up of beautiful, wonderful caring people and this time I am a beneficiary. I will remember to return the favor.

Thanks for being Special! You made my day!

By the way, I am not old or frumpy, well maybe I was a bit frumpy and harried but that’s the way it is on Saturdays.

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