Monday, March 16, 2009

Many Happy Returns

The last three weeks I have been busy with party planning, party gift shopping and celebrations. I love a good party! Don’t you? So I try to give a good party with as many people and as much of the trimmings as the wallet can procure. I always get such a kick putting on a party. When it all comes together, it’s like butter cream icing on your favorite cake. Wow, what a pleasure! I simply love it!

During this time I planned and celebrated a 21st birthday party which turned out well. We put together and celebrated a 17th birthday party which was wonderful. I am now working on an old farts celebration. It might sound crazy to folks as we are in a recession and money is tight. But come on, we must take time to smell the roses and while we are at it, Make it special! And that doesn’t have to mean expensive.

These events are important if not only to acknowledge the presence or existence of the ones we celebrate, but to show appreciation and encouragement for their being and their value to you and the cosmos. These celebrations are a wonderful way to get together, to relax, reflect and to renew acquaintances and look forward to the next event.

I had a chance to see some folks I haven’t seen in years and rekindle my affinity for party planning, decorating and entertaining. As I reflected on the years gone by and the many events I have planned, I have the same fondness for putting on a party. I think that I may have a future in this business. I have been looking and assessing, trying to figure out how to recreate myself for prosperity. All of the gurus giving advice on career planning, career change and how to find satisfaction with one self all tell us that the key to success is to find something we are passionate about and go for it. I love this party business.

I have been on this ‘searching’ kick lately trying to figure out where I should go or what path to follow. This idea of party planning and the pieces associated with it is like a boomerang waiting for me to grab. Hmmmmm! Maybe I should really look into it. If it happens there will be another birthday to celebrate.

Happy Birthday guys and many, many, happy, healthy returns!!! Thanks for the memories.

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