Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anticipate the Harvest

The take away message from a recent Sunday sermon resonated with me to the point that I wrote out the three points and pinned it on the wall of my tiny office. – I spend a lot of time there. Each time I enter the room I see the note and take stock. I check to see if I have been on task for the day or the time period since I last entered the room. As simple and commonplace as each item is, they each and together evoke a powerful emotion and call to action that brings comfort and a measure of satisfaction. The words: Attend, Anticipate, Appreciate have been reminding me to take time to do, to give and to recognize with gratitude.

I think about the words in this way:

Attend - brings to mind taking care OF ….. This also reminds me of  Notes from the Universe which has a tag line of “thoughts become things…..choose the good ones.” Attend in this case gives me a sense of calm and deliberateness that drives caring and touching others, taking the time to prepare myself and present myself as a tool for others.

Anticipate – The minister said, "anticipate the harvest." Harvest in terms of the rewards from the attention one will pay to the daily encounters and situation or nurturing of self so that you can share the value with others. When we are 'together', we can and will realize the goodness and the grace we receive as reward for our conscious actions and deeds.

Appreciate - One of my favorite Bible verses, Give thanks in all things.... which a friend translate as "thank Him any how," I always remind myself  or share often. I find it comforting even when I feel disappointed about a result. We often hear the phrase …nothing is promised or tomorrow isn’t promised to us. We must do our best with what is in our control and our path. If we do good or right we can anticipate a measure of satisfaction or reward that gives us strength and resolve to repeat the deeds.

Be grateful for all things, find Grace in Small Things, which are blessings, whether we believe we are deserving or not. Blessings can blow our minds in various ways but being grateful will gives us rest.

Thank him anyhow... Anticipate the Harvest!

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