Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making Dinner for The Boys! Love

I went back to the old grind after five glorious days away from there. I got home tired from being at work but energized from the brisk walk home. I even pretentiously speed walked keeping in front of a woman obviously moving to pass me. I kept pace and half steps in front of her until the end of the bridge where we parted ways without even a glance...woohooo! Well, I am sure she enjoyed the push.

When I get home from work these days, all I want to so is sit on the couch like a rag doll gawking at the TV with the remote in hand like Homer Simpson. As I sink into the abyss, somehow I manage to glance at the clock and remember that Lord Mutton will need dinner. He is such a scrawny kid that I feel I have to prepare dinner for him every night. I am not sure he eats well during the day. I am not convinced that he eats lunch at school and seldom gets an afternoon snack. I do not necessarily think I have to cook a big meal but at least prepare a sensible meal for him. What about hubby you say…..Well he is a grown boy. Nevertheless, he gets his share.

So, today after I struck the pose and got comfortable, I replayed my evening scene. I remembered that I have to feed this kid. I dragged myself off my spot and sauntered into the kitchen. I looked around for what to prepare. I had some chicken in the bottom of the refrigerator thawing. I placed it there last evening intended for tonight’s dinner. It almost did not make it. I was searching for a reason not to make it.

Anyway, I decided to bake the chicken with a honey ginger glaze and adda side of green beans and noodles. I hit the jackpot. It looked soo good and smelled even more wonderful. As I served dinner and called Lord Mutton to dig in, I placed his plate on the table. As he approached the table, his face lit up, like a beacon. All his senses were engaged. That look on his face stirred every lazy muscle in my body. You should have seen that million-dollar smile. Boy, I wish I could cash it in.

I went back to the kitchen to clean up, as I did not want to eat then. I figure I would wait for the other him. As I left Lord Mutton at the table, I thought that I had to record this encounter. After a few minutes in the kitchen, I went to my computer to write and before I could get through this piece, he was finished eating. He scarfed the food down like a lumberjack. I looked at him with his plate in hand and asked him what happened. I thought something was wrong with the food. He grinned and said yeah, I am done. Done, I said. He said yes, it was good ...I really liked the tastes. Huh, this guy is usually a very slow eater. Doesn’t that just warm your heart!

So everyday I come home dreading the tasks of doing the chores around the house like cooking and doing dishes but the thought and remembrance of this very wonderful moment make me forget my frumpiness’ and self-centeredness and get him a meal he will enjoy. He usually enjoys my cooking any way. Truth be told, I feel better knowing I prepared him a good meal and it was something he enjoyed. Now I will go back in my spot and resume the pose until its time for bed. Oh, life is good!

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Sarah said...

Honey ginger glazes are the best! One of my favorite recipes is for an Asian-inspired sauce that mixes honey, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. I use it on everything from fish to chicken or pork, since it can be put together quickly and with things I usually have on hand. Plus despite being a little unconventional, it usually appeal even to picky eaters.