Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blackberry Etiquette

Is there a Blackberry etiquette? Should there be a Blackberry etiquette?

How do you use your Blackberry or texting device at work, you know the business issue? Are you compulsive? Do you look at it periodically or constantly and respond even when you are in a meeting or other business activity with colleagues or bosses or staffs? Do you feel you must respond as soon as the buzz go off? is it life or death everytime the thing goes off? The concern is not so much the phone call function of the device either.

I am beginning to wonder about those individuals who are so wired to the BB that it can't stop a buzz before they pull it out to read and to respond. I am all for multi-tasking and efficiency but what gives. How does the interaction with the gadget affect the interaction or relationship with the human that you were interacting with before it buzzed? I quess if he/she is similiarly interrupting the interaction to respond to the device it may not be an issue. What if this BB communique is one sided, even if it happens to an avid user, not using during this exchange, how does it affect that person. You know, stopping to look at the BB or glancing at it to see who sent the text/message is one thing, but to stop to read and craft a response?

It seems to me that some people behave as if the BB is a life line so as soon as it gets a message the response must be instantaneous, if just to say I hear you and will get back. If not, the sky will fall. Is there such an urgency , real or percieved, to hit back at the drop of an incoming? Do you need to disrupt a meeting or presentation to 'play' with the device?

There are so many questions as I try to wrap my mind around the practice of the dogged attention to the device. Folks are so controlled that interaction with present company must pause so that the in coming message can be read and responded to. I can't appreciate that urgency so I ask you people.

Question: Are you consumed by the BB? Do you find 'talking' on the device more enjoyable than continuing with the person in front of you? Are you compelled by the buzz to do something- hit back. Or is it the directive or expectation that you should drop everything and BB. An addiction to the buzz? Granted we interrupt conversations to pick up a phone in a many cases, in some cases it is an automatic response, I guess we have come to expect that. And because the responses become automatic or expected we move to the conference room, you know away from the phones, to meet or iron out some issues or coordinate the game plan. Now, that's lost, no solace because the BB goes along and co-opt the no interruption zone.

How do you feel when someone interrupt your conversation or meeting to respond to the buzz? Is it necessary to respond immediately if there is no blood (depending on your field of business). Is a few minutes, an hour too late to get back?
Is it because of fear of loosing your job if you fail to respond immediately, even if you are otherwise engaged on the job! Again I ask, is an immediate response the expectation or a need?
These devices and the technology works extremely well, minus the blackouts and need for patches. It is the expectation that the message will make it to the mailbox. It's going to land where you send it if you didnt make a mistake with the address.

What is the rule, the etiquette for business use of the BB during the work day OR can there be such rule, a Ms Manners practice to BB use or in a social setting? Mind you if you are on your own doing your thing, by all means respond immediately, no big deal. Why interrupt the training, the conversation, the meeting.

Bloggers everywhere what is with this obsession and how does it bode for the future of society and human-ness? How much interruption can you tolerate during a meeting, a conversation - non-text. Are we getting to the place where we prefer to talk or interact with a gadget than with another person or people for a short while?

Tell me, tell me, please!

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Ok, so I know there are some typos in this writing but get past that and let me know your thoughts. I want to get the party lines.